Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Notes

Some notes from a very exciting sports weekend in Boston.

- I can't stand Hockey, I flip right by it every time but tonight I might just tune in and see how the Bruins do. I was at the Sox game last night and as if they planned it the Bruins game ended just as they were playing Sweet Caroline and the crowd went nuts. I have been at Fenway for playoff games and it had the same atmosphere.

- The Sox are playing out of there minds again this April. Ortiz has his average up to .160, and Manny is piecing together the beginnings of an MVP type season. When he hit the one out on Sunday it looked as if the ball was still rising when it hit the light tower over the monster. I would also like to encourage you all again to donate money to get Lugo out of town, Lowrie is ready and I think Boston is ready for him.

- The Celts absolutely thumped Atlanta. I would like to know what the Hawks were thinking that they would upset the Celtics just like Golden State did to Dallas last year. There were some differences there. First Golden States plays in the western conference and were vastly superior to the Hawks. Second, they had beat Dallas during the regular season Atlanta lost to the Celtics every time. And Lastly, Dirk is a wimp and can get pushed around, KG will not take that kind of Shit.

- Danica Patrick finally won a race, it took 50 races and it finally happened. The best part was the video of an older woman who I assume is her mother running down to her car and Danica not seeing her and hugging everyone else and her mother kind of jumping around.

- We are one week from the NFL Draft, it should be interesting what the Pats do with the number 7 pick, they always seem to surprise people when they pick later so lets see if they stick to what all the mock drafts have them doing.

- Finally I was there for the moment of silence that was held for John Marzano at Fenway Park. My future father in law and I both knew who he was but there were a lot of who's that from the pink hats that sad around us. Also from all my googling I can't find out if Carlos Quintana is dead I will give you these two facts I learned. He lost his first base job to Big Mo Vaughn back in 1993, and he is once played a game in Pawtucket and Boston on the same day. Boy I love the crappy sox teams of the early 90's.

That's all for now, today is going to be a good day the sox are winning and the Bruins are on tonight.

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