Monday, April 28, 2008

Nice to See Ben is Back

It's good to see that our founder Ben has decided to grace us once again with his presence. I imagine that I am the one he is referring to as a member of Red Sox Nation, and I do admit it I am a card carrying member. There are two reasons for that though, A. because I have enough money to, and B. because it gets me tickets, whether it is a RSN only sale or the grandstand seats that come with my level of membership. Do I think the whole thing is ridiculous? Yes, but at the same time I think it is way to hard to get tickets and I unlike Ben are not willing to sacrifice visiting the ball park.

So it was a busy weekend in Boston Sports, there was the draft, the Celtics played, and the Sox lost three games in Tampa Bay. The last two didn't exactly go according to plan. Some notes from the weekend.

- The draft flew by this weekend, I am used to the days when it could take literally hours to get through the top five picks. By 4:30 an hour and half after the draft started the Patriots had made their first selection. I am excited about Mayo joining the aging group of linebackers that we have. I think they will be around long enough to mentor him and then he will be able to take over. I would like to point out to ever national sportscaster, our LB's maybe getting older but we still went 18-1 with the 4th best defense in the league, so they are obviously still getting the job done.

- I laughed on Saturday morning when I heard on the radio Herm Edwards say that he projected the KC Chiefs to get 6 or 7 starters out of this draft, then he went ahead and actually did it. They managed to get Glenn Dorsey at number 5, he was projected as the best player in the draft, they moved up and got Branden Albert, and they got a CB in Brandon Flowers I was hoping the Pats would have found a way to take. That was all in just the first day I was pretty impressed.

- The Sox got rocked this weekend in Tampa, I don't think its the end of the season or anything but they have been hurt and haven't had a day off in three weeks. I think with Mike Lowell back things will get better. They need to make sure they keep Jed Lowrie up here, the kid is going to be good and should be the starting short stop soon, if not this year then next.

- The Celtics did not look themselves on Saturday night. They will bounce back tonight in Atlanta. Al Horford taunting Paul Pierce was not a smart thing to do. Something tells me that KG would smack the crap out of the Hawks if he could get away with it. They are playing like a bunch of school yard punks and the Celtics need to put there foot down. Is it just me or does it seem like the Celtics are having the longest first round series ever? They have had three days off between a couple of the games, they are just traveling to Atlanta I can't see why it would take so long.

- Finally I am a proud owner of a Nintendo Wii, and I was able to add Mario Kart to my collection yesterday after a very frustrating wait in line at best buy. I have not always been thrilled with the wii, there is to much movement involved it makes it hard to veg out like I want when I play but this game makes up for all of those drawbacks, especially the online mode.

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