Sunday, April 6, 2008

Time to Hit the Panic Button???

Well, by now I am sure that many of you have learned that the Sox got swept by the new and improved Toronto Blue Jays. It was not pretty and we now know that there are some serious concerns in the bullpen. So, is it time to hit the panic button? Should we start the fire sale a little early? Should you try and sell your new Bucholtz jersey? Absolutely not. Calm down, believe it or not, Boston teams do lose multiple games in a row from time to time.

I was able to watch each game from a different location this weekend, so I will offer you some things I noticed, or questions I now have from what was a surprising weekend in baseball all around.

-The Kansas City Royals are 4-2, making them in first place in their division by half a game, and a couple of games ahead of the Sox. I am not sure what this means, but it could be one of the signs of the end of the world, anyone want to repent with me?

-Tampa Bay took two out of three from the Yankees, and we got decimated by the Blue Jays. I know it is early, but I have to say I am excited about having more than a two team race in the AL east this season. However, I have to say I doubt that the Rays will be in it at all, but they have a legit shot of finishing better than Baltimore.

-Speaking of the Rays, remember when Rocco Boldelli was going to be the next big thing? I know that many Red Sox fans who started watching a few seasons ago don't even know who I am talking about, and thats what makes this so sad. He is a local kid who was supposed to be a superstar, but tore up his knee playing basketball in his driveway. That was three seasons ago or something like that, and now the Rays opted not to pick up his contact for next year.

-I am glad to see that my threat of throwing old batteries at JD Drew got him back out on the field. He had a couple of home runs in this series and was one of the few bright spots for the Sox.

-Now, I have a baby on the way, so I don't have a lot of extra money to throw around, but I am willing to throw in 20 dollars of my own money and 134 dollars of Pricing Boy's money towards a plane ticket to whatever destination gets Julio Lugo the hell out of Boston. 2 errors, and little to know offensive production, are you kidding?

-I watched yesterdays game at the Cask n' Flagon, and was surprised to see just what it has become. I don't know when the did all the renovations because I didn't go in there once last year, but what a trendy little spot it has become. They even sell shirts with their logo on it, and have a little cash register set up for it. I didn't know they were a tourist destination, but what the hell people actually pay to be a member of Red Sox nation, so why wouldn't they buy a shirt too?

-I have a serious problem with the fact that Frank Thomas put a big hurt on Delcarmen. Anyone but Thomas and I would be bitching about Delcarmen. I just cannot accept the fact that we lost because of a guy who does not believe in dinosaurs.

- So it was a cold and rainy weekend around here, and as I mentioned I was in the Fenway region yesterday and almost ran into two separate tents waiting for opening day tickets. My wife was completely blown away by this and could not comprehend why anyone would do that for at least four days just to get tickets. I explained it to her with a question, which was "Is there a better way to spend mommy and daddies money?" My wife, being much smarter than I am, responded "Ebay."

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