Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quickie Story

To get you all revved up for the playoffs, I'll share a little story with the group. I found it pretty interesting, I hope you will too.

After an event in Boston last week an old roommate of mine headed to a bar with another guy he attended with to catch the end of the Sox-Yanks game. At the bar, he saw two large, well cut, and athletic looking black guys. With it being Boston and all he immediately peered in for a closer look thinking that they could in fact be athletes. Well low and behold he was correct. The two aforementioned gentleman happened to be James Posey and Eddie House and let's be honest, like Timlin and Embree back in the day, it's only fitting that these two roll together and are tight.

Here are some things he passed on about his encounter which I found interesting and decided to share:

1. Both guys I was happy to hear were incredibly friendly and down to earth. I always love learning when athletes that I hate are assholes and conversely, I love hearing about when random but respectable role players like Posey and House are good people.

2. Eddie House was much larger than anticipated. This just once again reinforces how tiny in the NBA world (six foot, one inch) is normally on the tall side in the regular world. Meanwhile, James Posey seemed incredibly lanky.

3. It was their belief that the Lakers were the best team and that the Spurs were too old.

4. According to them, the only players in the league right now that can carry their teams single-handedly through the players are Kobe, Lebron, and Chris Paul. The last one's kind of a shocker huh? Well, maybe not so much after Saturday against the Mavs.

I understand none of that is groundbreaking news, but I still thought I would share. It should also be noted that my buddy left the bar at the same time as Posey and House and as he got into his Prius, Posey retrieved his Aston Martin from the valet. Exactly.

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