Monday, April 28, 2008

Instant Celtics Anlaysis!

They lost because:

1) They missed an inordinate amount of shots from close range. Overall they shot 41% tonight and mark my words I will go to bed thinking of KG strong-arming jump hooks and Rondo missing layups. It's pretty tough to win when you shoot 41%.

2) They shot 18 free throws to the Hawks 33 and hit only 10 of them for a woeful .556% mark while the Hawks hit 29 of theirs registering .879%. Bottom line, the Hawks scored 19 more points at the line than the Celtics. I know Doc is hammering it into their head that they need to attack more so maybe this will be the wakeup call they need. No matter how good of defense you play, if you are getting outscored by 19 points at the line it is going to be next to impossible to win.

All of that is fine and dandy, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't terrified of how KG has looked in the post. He seems completely lost when not shooting in rhythm or playing from 15-18 feet away from the hoop and every single jump hook he takes he seems to throw too hard off the backboard.

3) Even when the Celtics took a ten point lead in the third, my belief that they would hold onto that was slim to none as at no point during the game did they look like they deserved to be up ten points, let alone win the game.

4) With all this being said, you know the crowd is going to be INSANE in Boston on Wednesday and that should propel them to a Game 5 victory and will hopefully lead to them wrapping things up on Friday in Atlanta. If it comes to a Game 7, color me terrified because the Hawks have been playing with a "we don't give a F***!!" attitude the last two games that I can't help but admire. Plus, they have no answer whatsoever for Josh Smith and not much of one for Joe Johson either. In all honesty, Smith is probably the most exciting player I have seen play in quite some time. Too bad he has to play for the Hawks.

5) That's it. Let's say it again folks. Win Wednesday in Boston. TCB in Atlanta on Friday. And then play whomever in round 2 and forget this series ever happened.

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