Sunday, April 6, 2008


Rootbeer & Bacon 1
Red Sox 0

Yup, thats the tally as it stands now. We laid down a challenge and the Sox blinked. You may recall a post a few weeks ago wherein I threatened a bigman boycott of Remdawgs if the Red Sox did not start to produce shirts in sizes larger than XL. My reasoning was the signing of Bartolo Colon, a big man himself.

I am happy to report that out of fear of a boycott the Red Sox have met our demands just in time for opening day. I walked into the souvenir shop yesterday and noticed a bunch of little pieces of paper stapled to select shirts that read "3XL and 4XL now available."

I was overwhelmed by this, but eventually collected myself and purchased a 4XL Mike Lowell shirt. Now it was overpriced, but still it marks the first time I have been able to purchase a shirt from them, so it was a surreal moment. I mean, we worked long and hard for the last few weeks and to see our labors pay off, well there are just no words.

Victory...drink it in boys because it never tasted so good.

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