Thursday, April 10, 2008


Here Several days ago I read on the five point plan that our "President" had released his five point plan for Red Sox Nation. If you have not read it you can read it in the link provided by Neil in his previous post. I let my disgust about the plan stew and fester for several days and I am ready to respond to "President" Remy with my own five points.

1. Could this be a bigger Sham/publicity stunt? When I first heard about the idea I thought it was good but then I heard who was running, how is it fair that Jerry Remy who is on TV every night could run against a bunch of schmucks. He had a built in fan base, 98% of the people who voted for him only did because they had never heard of any of the other people.

2. Remy hasn't shut up about it since he won. Let me point out again he is the only one who ran who was on TV every single night being watched by the very idiots who were voting for the made up position. Also how proud should he be one of his biggest competitors was a dog named Big Pupi.

3. Some of his points bother me. For Example point two the two year census. This to be sounds like the best marketing tool the Red Sox could have us pay to be a part of. They are going to collect info on us that will allow them to find a way to get us to spend even more money on the team. Also point three, can a truly independent president have a program that is sponsored by a milk company. It is great to have kids involved but what the hell does Hood have to do with it.

4. Am I the only one who can't stand Jerry Remy? He is so full of himself, he is at best an adequate color man, an awful president, and if he keeps trying to sell that remdawg crap during red sox games I may have to lead a vote to Impeach.

5. I know Ben doesn't like him but I am going to have to say that I am really disappointed that Bill Simmon's campaign did not get off the ground. The sports guy from Espn did submit an application but it was thrown out by Remy after being read on the air.(I don't think a candidate should be allowed to throw applications away of people who are trying to run against him.) Remy was offended by some of the ten reasons that Simmons submitted of why he should be the President of Red Sox nation. Here are some examples of what Simmons wrote and "President" Remy's responses:

Simmons: "First, I've always wanted to be the President of something; at this point, I don't really care what it is."

Remy's on air response: "Everybody does… and he says ‘I really don’t care what it is.’ So does that mean he’s serious about this job? No. Right away he’s telling you he just wants to be a president of something, he doesn't’t care what it is, anything. So be president of your trash can. OK?"

My Response: It's a FUCKING made up position with no real power, get a clue Remy.

Simmons: Second, I think I can get free tickets out of this.

Remy's on air response: And it gets worse. Second, ‘I think I can get free tickets out of this.’

My Response: That is also a joke Remy, Simmons works for ESPN, I am pretty sure he can get tickets whenever the hell he wants.

Simmons: "Third, I heard Mike O'Malley might run and, as much as I enjoy his work, we can't let him be President after he already subjected us to seven years of "Yes, Dear.""

Remy's on air response: He rips Mike O’Malley. Mike O’Malley just did the picnic in the park thing, for charity. He’s been subjected to seven years of Yes, Dear. In other words, he wants no part of Mike O’Malley.

My Response: It is a joke and let's all be honest "'Yes Dear" was an extremely stupid show
Simmons: Fifth, unlike with that chain smoker Jerry Remy, you'd never have to worry about my health during my tenure - and even if something does happen to me, you'll be in capable hands with my running mate, Rich Garces.

Remy's on air response: He brought it up but Remy didn't really respond.

My Response: Was there anything untrue about what Simmons said.

In the end Remy threw away Simmons application and essentially called him a bad person. Now Simmons is sarcastic and if Remy ever read anything he wrote he would know this. Also as it was later revealed Simmons was asked by the Red Sox to apply just so one of there announcers could rip him later. I was watching the game back in July when all this happened, some people say that Remy w as joking around, I think he was just being an ass. That is why I think the time has come to IMPEACH JERRY REMY.

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