Thursday, June 19, 2008

6 Parades in 7 years

So the Celtics won the title a few days ago and at the time I was eager to write a post about it. But then of course life interfered, I am moving, and getting married, and up for a new job and the list goes on and on. Now it is two days later, the parade is over, the team has cleared out there lockers half the bench are free agents and a little bit of the wind has been taken out of my sails.

I am ok with it though, in the past 7 years I have seen six championship trophies pass through the streets of Boston on duck boats. I have seen the Red Sox end the curse, the Patriots pull a last second upset over a heavily favored but flawed Rams team, and I have seen the greatest turn around in NBA history capped off with a Gatorade bath. I know that the Boston Sports writers get on us as fans all the time about how we do not appreciate what we have but I would like to take the time now to reflect on the last 7 years in Boston Sports and the moments that have been most important to me.

The Bruins - No Comment

The Celtics - A year ago we were dreading the draft, the balls had bounced in the wrong direction and it looked like Yi was headed to beantown. Then Ainge pulled off the Allen trade, managed to still draft Big Baby and were headed in the right direction. Later he worked his magic again as former Celtic great Kevin McHale assisted his old teammate by serving up KG on a silver platter. Then 108 games happened and we were NBA champs, from worst to first. The best moment though was the big three coming out in the forth and celebrating with the fans. I also enjoyed the pretaped interview with Doc about how he just wanted to win and touch the trophy and then when they actually got the trophy the players passed it around and the most Doc could do was touch it with one finger.

The Patriots - I am still ignoring the Spy gate thing I find the whole thing to be embarrassing and will not acknowledge it and I am thrilled Old Man Spector finally let it die as well. When Mo Lewis leveled Drew Bledsoe I along with many others wrote off the season. 5 months later the Patriots pulled off the Super Bowl win with Brady at the helm. Since then they have dominated, won two more and lost a perfect season in one play. The moment that sums up my feelings for the Patriots is when Tedy walked back out on the field after his stroke, and everyone screamed.

The Sox - I am a diehard, I root for the Sox through thick and thin, I watch every game of the season or at the least listen to it on the Radio. On that night in October back in 2004 I was in my room at my parents house with my phone off, waiting, waiting for 86 years of heartbreak to end. I had graduated from college earlier in the year, I had all but broken up with my long time girlfriend, and I was living at home. I put off finding a job for the sole purpose of making sure that I would not miss one pitch of the Red Sox season, and it was worth it.

So we should appreciate it, Dan and Bob are right, this has been an amazing run. But I think as a Sports Nation we all have different reasons and moments that it has been special, I don't think we need two morons from the Boston globe to keep telling us, I think that the thousands that showed up for the parade and the thousands that watched on TV already know.

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