Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Notes

It was a slow sports weekend here in Boston. The Sox hosted the Red Birds and managed to lose 2 out of 3, and only squeaked out a win thanks to Youk's two run homerun in the 13th. Other than that it was quiet, the Celtics are done for the year, although the draft is coming up this week although I can't see the team doing much with the 30th pick. The Bruins had their draft last week but as we know, no one really cares about the Bruins. So with all that said I am left to some lesser sports for this weeks weekend in review post.

- Nascar was on this weekend, I didn't watch Nascar as much as missing Rootbeer and Bacon writer Nick, but I will stop if it is on as I flip through. I did not flip by it this weekend, I will say that this young kid Joey Lagano is kind of intriguing.

- There was some golf on as well but I will not watch any Golf unless I am trapped at my inlaws and it is on, or Tiger Woods is back.

- I was sorry to hear that George Carlin died this weekend, I loved his humor and in particular his Baseball and Football speech I will post the whole thing here later today. I think his funniest movie role was when he played the bishop in Dogma which was a great casting job.

- I am started to get excited for the Olympics which will be coming up in August. Today they will announce the Basketball team today, they have begun to announce the gymnastic teams and the diving teams as well in the last couple of days. It is always fun to watch the Olympics and then see the still pictures on Sportscenter because NBC is so anal about protecting their copyrights.

- Hazel Maes last day is coming up I can't wait I can't stand her

- When will Jerry Remy's last day be cause I can't wait for that either.

- Right now you can bid for Doc River's Gatorade stained shirt signed by him and Paul Pierce along with the Gatorade Jug that Paul used to douse him. All the money is going to Charity, last time I heard about it on WEEI it was up to 10,000 dollars. It is raising money for the Shamrock Foundation and is a much better clothing auction than that stupid Ortiz Jersey.

- I am heading to the cape in a couple of weeks and I will be attending a Cape Cod League baseball game. I have been going to the games for years whenever I am visiting my grandparents. I have seen some great players, just to give you an idea in 2007 there were 212 playes in MLB who had played in the cape league. Over the years I have seen some good players who became major leaguers, Tony Gwynn Jr., David Aardsma, Chris Ray, David Murphy, Craig Hansen, Andrew Miller, Evan Longoria, Tim Lincecum, Ryan Braun, Jason Bay, Joe Blanton, Kevin Cash, Pat Neshak, and Micah Owings. The games are free most of the time although they do pass the hat but it is worth it, and sometimes if it is the all star game Peter Gammons will be there to.

So that will wrap this up for now, I will try and post about the draft, and the Sox later this week.

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