Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A few thoughts on #17

I would like to thank Shaq for providing the Celtics with some great storylines for this championship. First of all, we have him to thank for one of the best nicknames ever given a professional athlete. Paul Pierce truly is “The Mother f**king Truth”.
In addition, we have Shaq to thank for winning those 3 championships with Kobe. Because of those victories, Kobe looks like the biggest loser of all time with this defeat at the hands of the Celts. I wonder what he has done with those championship rings? I assume they are meaningless to him and are probably being shipped for a lucrative transaction to right now.
Shaq can also be given credit for proving that Phil Jackson is a fraud as well. Phil may have won without Shaq before, but he had that guy that does all those awkward hanes underwear commercials on his team then. The symmetry of Phil losing in Boston is just too sweet. I hate hearing cliché stuff like this, but somewhere Red is enjoying this victory. He may have even welcomed a few Celtics dancers near him for the celebration of banner #17. I love how Laker fans pretend that having Andrew Bynum coming back next season should turn things around. As if Bynum was the missing piece of the puzzle that just lost the NBA finals. I’d take Kendrick Perkins over Bynum any day. Perk Rules!

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