Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Week in Baseball

Last night was crazy in the world of Major league baseball, we had the sox coming from 3 down in the bottom of the eighth to win on a Vartiek bust slumping double, an umpire in the Colorado Vs. Kansas City game started bleeding after being struck by a bat, and the New York Mets lost big and saw their manager and one of their best players ejected after the umpire started an argument. So since the Boston sports scene is a little slow now that the Celtics are done, here are some notes of my own from the world of Baseball.

- Can the MLB please just Ban the maple bats. So far this season there have been quite a few injuries although none truly serious who knows when there will be one that is. At some point soon someone is going to get killed and then MLB will be up shits creek. Ban the Maple and let the players use Ash.

- I am all for umpires kicking New York players out of games(whether it is Mets or Yankees I don't care) but last night was just embarrassing. Carlos Beltran was up at Bat and could be seen saying that was low that was low, the umpire Brian Runge came out from behind the plate and pretended to clean the plate while saying something to Beltran. Next thing you know Jerry Manuel the Met's new manager was out on the field arguing with the ump. Then in what took it from a normal run of the mill argument to a whole new level the UMP BUMPED MANUEL. There are all kinds of rules about not touching umps but what gives the ump the right to touch the manager. The ump of course tossed Manuel in attempt to cover his tracks and then tossed Beltran a couple minutes later when Beltran said something about the ump bumping the Manuel. The Ump should serve a suspension just like they would have given to a player.

- J.P. Ricciardi is a local boy who has been the GM of the Toronto Blue Jays for the last 7 years, and hasn't really done a whole hell of a lot to turn the franchise around. Last week on the Radio he gave a speech essentially calling Adam Dunn a bad player. Not the smartest move for a guy who may have to trade for Dunn to save his job.

- Bronson Arroyo got absolutely rocked last night. It was good to see I can't stand him, he reminds me of Kevin Millar and his unrequited love for the city of Boston.

- C.C. Sabathia is on the market and I truly hope that the Red Sox do not try and get him. Steve Phillips was on the radio last night saying the sox would have to give up Lester, Bucholz, or Jacoby, if they weren't willing to do it for Santana why would they do it now.

- They finally identified the guy who caught Griffey's 600 HR ball, he caught the ball then threw down a batting practice ball to fake everyone else out. He doesn't know what he is going to do with it yet though. I say he should just give it to Griffey, get a signed ball or bat in return try to finagle a way to get Jay Bruce's autograph to and he should be all set.

That's all for now.

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