Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to a New Writer

So I have a new rootbeer and bacon writer to introduce to you. As all of our 30 readers a day have probably noticed we have been losing momentum and our number of posts have been declining. Life seems to have interupted us some, Ben is busy having a baby, and Nick just seems to be busy, and while Neal and I still write we wanted to add more content.

So after half of rootbeer and bacon went to the outback last night for one last steak before Ben's bundle of joy enters the world, we made a decision. I would like to welcome Jeffrey Crowley to the fold.

Jeff went to the used to work with Ben, Nick, and I and has a sharp sports mind. He attended the Yankees Sox game with us back in April and is a perfect addition to our lineup. Hopefully he will make his first post soon and you can all welcome him.

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