Thursday, June 12, 2008

Live Blogging the Rest of This

6:06 remaining, Why can't KG trash Turief he is a crap ass second round pick with a heart condition take him to the hole

5:53 Awful shot by Pierce then he hurts himself while Kobe puts the Lakers up by 4. Do you ever feel sometime when you actually pay attention that you are in fact jinxing them.

Commercial - I have no desire to see Jumper, is Acura truly luxury it seems more like an ugly second cousin of lexus, if the couch guy showed up to sleep on my couch I would kick him out and tell him to get an fing job this isnt a shelter, I love the new Coldplay song which is strange for me cause I don't always like the crap they come up with, Why is Mike Myers still making movies I think that it is time for him to hang it up. B ecause Steve Carell and Get Smart got to tell us why the NBA finals are great to tstart the game, Will Smith and Hancock gets to tell us who the heroes of the game are.

5:27 Posey makes it one point game after Ray Allen and KG look like a bunch of five years olds learning to play the game. Our best chance is Kobe being a ball hog

4:55 Gasol makes it a 3 point game

4:45 KG actually tries and takes it to the hole and ends up on the line for two. Two for two and we are down by one. Why does everything have to involve text message voting now?

4:22 Can they finally take the lead.

4:07 House gets them there first lead of the game. Where has he been all game, SAM CASSELL SUCKS

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