Friday, June 6, 2008

Coco Vs. The Rays

Last night as I sat on the couch resting my aching back(exercsing after years of being lazy can hurt like a bith when you are starting out), I sat up to eat my dinner of pasta and sauce with some vegetables(I don't know what kind of vegetables they were my Fiancé put them in) and I took this opportunity to change the channel from a rerun of Everybody loves Raymond to the Sox game which was on an hour earlier due to the Celtics game. And there it was number 10, Coco Crisp getting hit on the hip by James Shields acting like he was walking to first and instead running at the pitcher.

I will be honest with you I didn't think that Coco had it in him, you knew he was going to get hit yesterday, the manager of the Rays practically guaranteed it after his slide on Wednesday. As Jerry Remy said a thousand times in the next 10 minutes as the umpires tried to figure out who should be tossed "I thought he was heading to first". For those of you who are unaware of this here is a little recap.

Wednesday: 6th inning, Coco steals second base and in the process jams his finger when he slides into Jason Bartlett's leg that is blocking the second base. Coco takes offense to that.

Wednesday: 8th inning Coco attempts to steal second again, this time going in feet first unfortunately Barrett is not covering the bag instead second baseman Akinori Iwamura is and Coco completely takes him out.

Wednesday: 8th inning, Rays manager Joe Maddon yells at Coco who is in the dugout while he makes a pitching change.

Then Thursday in the Second Inning pitcher James Shields hits Coco like we all knew that he would, Coco faked to first to lose the catcher and charged the mound, he avoided the first punch and then kind of hit Shields in the head and then the catcher took him down. It was here that it got dirty, 4 separate Rays ran at Coco and started punch him while the sox tried to drag them off. Jonny Gomes came from the dugout and started punching him in the side, second baseman Akinori Iwamura went for his head, Carl Crawford arrived last and just hit what ever open spots he could find, and through it all Dioneer Navarro held Coco down. I would expect all four plus Shields and Maddon to be suspended along with Coco.

Some things that I think that Coco failed to think about. One why would you ever get into a fight with Big Papi on the DL, Manny isn't going to do anything to protect you, Big Papi is a force that no one would want to mess with. Two, you have pissed off half the Rays already and there is no one on base for the Sox so you are just going to take them on by yourself. It took awhile for the Sox to get there to help him they were all in the dugout, Jacoby was the first one there but he couldn't do it alone. If you want a fair brawl overreact to an inside pitch with the bases loaded then at least you have reinforcements instead of Jacoby and a very lost looking DeMarlo Hale. Finally I think Coco should have taken a page out of the great Izzy Alcantras booke, Karate kick the catcher so he falls down and charge the mound, it gives you the most 1 on 1 time with the pitcher and gives you more time to have reinforcements because its usually the catcher who takes down the charging player.

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