Sunday, June 15, 2008


So what is there really to talk about? I'm writing this during the first quarter of Game 5 as the Celtics once again - and for the third straight game - have come out like absolute trash. You can never truly count out these guys, but I will also say that heading out to LA I considered going back to Boston up 3-2 as something to be really happy about. Obviously we all got drunk with excitement over Game 4 and want to clinch things on Sunday, but if it does not happen then let's not get all apocalyptic. I certainly like the Celtics chances of winning one of two at home. I just hope that one comes on Tuesday because I want no part of Kobe in a Game 7. None. (Of course this whole paragraph could be blissfully irrelevant in about 2.5 hours. Not looking good now, but never say never right?)

In other news, I guess I could talk about how ridiculously on fire JD Drew is right now and how this perfectly timed hot streak combined with last year's infamous Game 6 ALCS Grand Slam should buy him some credit and love from Sox fans. The guy is never going to be a crowd favorite, but at some point everybody needs to come out and acknowledge how freakin' good he has been lately. Oh, and his OPS to date is .984, higher than Manny (.937) and Papi (.839).

So what else is going on....

1) Look, the Celtics are down 15 right at this very moment and that is mostly their fault, but I will say that the Lakers are getting every single call/non-call in this game. Personally I thought the refs in this game would swallow their whistles; petrified to look in any way, shape, or form like they may be trying to buy an extra game for the series. I was wrong. Clearly David Stern and the NBA's arrogance knows no bounds. (That's kind of a joke. I don't think the refs are openly giving every call to the Lakers, but I will say that Pierce has attacked the basket a few times, gotten absolutely hammered, and not received a call. Meanwhile, every time the Lakers have been sneezed on at the other end they've gotten the whistle.)

2) I fear for Steve Carrell. I really do. Actually, it's more like I'm worried. Between Get Smart which looks like an absolute piece of shit, last summer's massive bomb, Evan Almighty, and a shaky/sub-par season of The Office, I'm afraid his star is starting to fade some. Or maybe a lot? I love Steve Carrell and right now I'm not quite prepared to see him become Mike Myers.

3) Nobody has trashed Tony Allen more than me over the past six months so let me just say right now that he has been an absolutely vital cog in this Celtics second quarter run. (And conversely, nobody sung Rajon Rondo's praises more during the regular season than I did, but with the exception of his 16 assist Game 2 the Celtics have played their best ball in this series with him on the bench. It kills me but it's true.)

4) I just experienced briefly my own personal hell a few minutes ago: Sam Cassell passing to Tony Allen for a turnover. Now who could have predicted that result?

5) OK halftime and I'm signing off. Somehow it is only a 2 point game. That is truly amazing on account of what crap the C's played like in the first quarter and Dick Bavetta's shameless attempt to prove that all the rumors circulating around him and some Donaghy like "gamesmanship" which he has/does participate in are in fact true.

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