Monday, January 12, 2009

Breaking News: Jim Rice is a Hall of Famer

Another Red Sox player is in the Hall of Fame. While he may not have been well loved by the media Jim Rice finally found his way into the hall of fame. Did he hit 500 home runs? No but for a period of about 8 years he was a feared hitter who no one ever wanted to see coming to the plate. He led the American league in home runs 3 times, he was a 2 time silver slugger, he hit over .300 7 times, he won the MVP once, and was in the top 5, 5 times. He is overdue for the recognition ROOTBEER AND BACON SALUTES YOU JIM RICE.( I am not counting Rickey as a Red Sox, he is an A, he only played here one year and was only a backup.)

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