Monday, January 26, 2009

Notes from the Weekend

Boy are things slow around here lately. It is a tough time, no one really cares about Hockey here, the Football season ended 4 weeks ago for the Patriots, the Celtics are steamrolling there way to the playoffs again, and we are still a couple of weeks away from Truck Day at Fenway. Ben is trying to convince me that we should go in and see that, we will see what happens there. So here are my notes from the weekend.

- First completely unrelated, on Saturday night I faced off against fellow RBB writer Ben online in Madden 2009. Some of the best features were the fact that neither of us had to get up out of our living rooms, also even though the headset almost gave Ben flashbacks to when we worked in the callcenter together. I will admit that he won 34-31, it was pretty depressing for me I will admit and I will be seaking a rematch at some point.

- It was nice to see the Celtics on National TV, it was even nicer to see them blast the Mavericks by 24. Here are some good observations from Kevin Henkin. Also Steve Bulpett talks about the bar that the Celtics are setting for themselves. Overall I thought they played a good game and it is good to see them bounce back strong from there late December lull.

- WEEI broke the story yesterday that the Sox had made an offer to Varitek. Sounds like it is something around 5 million dollars a year with a dual option for the second year. It is probably the closest that Varitek is going to get to a guarenteed two year deal. Here is Rob Bradfords post. I think he needs to sign it, Catchers and Pitchers report in 16 days so he needs to make up his mind.

That is all that I have for now

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