Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday News and Notes

Some notes from the day. But first I want to give you a recomendation, I am a huge supporter of the Iphone. I love mine, and have bene thrilled since I got it in September. It is everything I want in a phone, mainly that it is really a mini computer not a phone. I am not a big phone person and only have one because society seems to dictate that you do. Anyway I am recomending the new program Rss player. It allows you to subscribe to podcast and updates the list when there are new ones and they do not clog up your Iphone. It is great I am able to listen to all my regualr podcasts without a problem.

So I rambled a little there about my geek love of the iphone, here are some links.

- The Celtics rolled again, they are back on track winning 9 in a row and made the Kings look silly winning 119-100. They have not only been winning but they have been winning big. The star of the night was Eddie House, who lit it up with 28 points including 8 THREE POINTERS!!! He is absolutely on fire and Garnett and Pierce want to see him in the three point contest at the all star game. Mike Fine wrote about it in the Patriot Ledger, I am really hoping they pick him we should hear soon.

- Not really an article but instead an interesting list. Baseball Prospectus has come out with a list of the top ten Red Sox Prospects. It is no surprise that Lars Andersen is on top of the list, watch out for him we might see him this year.

That is all I have for today. I am thinking of bringing back the Red Sox Propsect Review.

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