Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three Quick Thoughts

Sorry, it's been quiet around here all week. The RBB DC Metro Area HQ has been moving since Saturday so life has been a bit hectic. Plus, there really is not a ton of actual Boston stuff to report.

With that, I'm just going to throw a few things out there. Nothing earth shattering tonight.

1) I believe way back in August or something I said that a best case scenario for Varitek was that the Sox signed him to a below market, one-year deal for 2009. Well that looks like it will probably happen. Funny thing is, it seems like the Sox don't even really want him that much doesn't it?

2) Celtics/Magic is a huge game tomorrow night. While the Celtics may technically be in first place in the East right now, both Cleveland and Orlando are a game ahead of them in the loss column (8 to 9) so don't sleep on the importance of the game. What scares me is that the C's will be playing in the back-end of a back-to-back and three games in four nights stretch, while Orlando has not played since Saturday. Um, advantage Magic.

3) So who else out there watched the first half of the NFC Championship Game and thought to themselves, "you know what, that is EXACTLY how the Pats should have attacked the Giants in the Super Bowl last year"?

The Cardinals attacked a blitz-happy team by two 2007 Pat specialties; spreading the field with in 5 receiver sets and delayed draws out of shotgun to the running back. Again, where the F*** was that about a year ago? Why am I still bitter?

OK, it's late and I am wiped.

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