Friday, January 9, 2009

Thoughts On The New Sox

We have no Patriots. We have losing Celtics again. We have not Red Sox games, and we have some team called the Bruins. I am not into college football, so for me there has not been a whole lot on the tube that I have been interested in this week. However, the Sox came to my rescue with some interesting moves towards the end of the week that have kept me glued to at least WEEI, and the internet. I gotta say, I like all the moves. While I know Brad Penny was signed a few weeks ago, I am going to include him in this post, so lay off me.

Brad Penny- What did the Sox give him, 5 million? It's a steal. My love for the Bartolo Colon signing is well documented on this site, and Penny falls into the same catagory for me. That is, low risk/high reward. Here is a guy that was a dominant pitcher for a lot of years, and was the ace of the dodgers staff. Sure he has had some injuries of late, but everyone heals right? Plus he is again paired up with Beckett, which should help him get comfortable here in Boston.

John Smoltz- Did I spell his name right? He falls into the same catagory for me as Penny. He got around 5 million with another 5 million in incentives. I am sure the Sox will happily give him the extra 5 if he earns it, because that means he has been lights out. Sure he is old, but thats what will make it so awesome if he comes in here and mows people down. It will a great story, and if he sucks, then he is too old and should retire. Think about a midsummer roatation that goes Lester Dice-K Beckett Penny Smoltz. Then you have Wake coming out of the pen in long relief and spot starts. Holy shit, we will have just found our answer to the bats in NY.

Rocco Baldelli- Aside from having an awesome name, he is a local guy. On top of that, he is coming to Boston for 500K. That is the equivilant of being too lazy to pick up a quarter you dropped in baseball terms. When he is healthy, which isn't often, he is a great outfielder and has some power in his swing. I can see him filling the DH role if Papi gets hurt again, and I can see him filling that role well. There is absolutley no downside to this one year deal.

Mark Kotsay- There are rumors floating that the deal is done pending a physical. While he didn't hit well, he provided some great defense in the outfield and more importantly at first base. He knows the team, and is willing to be a backup. Great signing.

I am calling all these moves Rootbeer & Bacon approved. The Sox spent less that 15 million dollars and brought what could be four quality roleplayers to Boston. But what I love more is what else three of these guys could bring. That is, a great feel good story. Let's face it, this city thrives on passion and emotion, especially when it comes to the Sox. If Penny and Smoltz defy the skeptics and return to form, we will sing Theo's praises and buy their shirts, and if Baldelli, the hometown kids comes in and awes, well...thats what watching sports is all about.

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