Friday, January 30, 2009

Tek Signs

Word round the campfire is that Tek took the 5 million dollar deal that was on the table. I dont have a lot of time right now, but there are two points I want to get on record about this:

-First all players are signed or are thinking about signing with Scott Boras should take a look at this. Boras failed Jason Varitek, and cost him about 6 million dollars.

-Second, this was a poor move on the part of the Red Sox. Tek will be lucky to bat .235 this year with 5 homeruns. Eventually you have to get a young catcher even if it means trading somebody good. The catcher situation is not fixed, and we have no long term solutions. Just a bunch of maybes in the lower farm.

Got a busy weekend going on, so Lauranzano OUT!!

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