Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Quick Hitters....

Celtics Acquisitions I Want to See:

1) Joe Smith because he'll provide a lot of what PJ Brown provided last year. 

2) A backup PG.  Any backup PG.  Just somebody who can create shots for people and dribble the ball up the court.  

Patriots Story Being Under-Reported Right Now: 

The fact that they have two second round picks and could pickup an additional third round pick once the Asante Samuel compensation situation rights itself.  Five first day picks for a team in need of a youth infusion is a pretty big deal.  

The positions I'd like to see filled with those picks in no particular order would be safety, DB, linebacker, o-lineman, d-lineman, and tight end.  Just get Ben Watson out of town.  Please.  

Potential Big Name Patriot Cap Casualties to Make Room for Brady/Cassell:

Richard Seymour or Adalius Thomas.  I think it's one or the other and my money is on Seymour.  They need to carve out room somewhere for all that cash they are throwing at the QB position.  Plus Vince Wilfork needs to get paid too.  

Biggest, Random Worry for the Red Sox: 

A Jon Lester injury seems kind of inevitable right?  Or maybe just some general ineffectiveness?  Look, we see this all the time; young pitcher busts himself admirably in the postseason for his team but then the glut of innings of which his body has never seen before finally comes back to collect the following season.   A prime example of this is Josh Beckett, who saw his total innings drop and his ERA rise, each year after hoisting his teams in the postseasons of 2003 and 2007.  It's the price you pay for doing business right?  You can't have it both ways either, so I guess we suck it up and thank ourselves that the Sox have made it their mission this offseason to insure their pitching staff as much as humanly possible.  

Just wanted to throw all this out there....

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