Friday, January 2, 2009

Official RBB Take on Starbury: NO THANKS

It's another wild night at Williams HQ in lovely Falls Church, VA. I sit hear and type this as the Celtics dismantle the Wizards without even really trying. While watching this, do you know what thought has not entered my head a single time? Unless you are Sookie from True Blood, you probably can't read minds so I will tell you.

Here is what has never run through my mind:

"You know who the Celtics could really use? Stephon Marbury."

You know why that thought has not crossed my mind? Because it is a completely unnecessary addition. And between Eric Gagne and Sam Cassell I think we have learned our lessons on making unnecessary additions.

Here's the thing though. I actually think Steph has a lot more to offer than Cassell did. But here is the more important thing. He is not needed. Yes, it would be nice to get a legitimate playmaker/scorer for the second unit but that is not what the second unit really needs. As I said the other day, the second unit needs a tough guy veteran big man who can knock down shots when they are presented, not a shoot first point guard. While I probably could talk myself into Steph's ability to create shots for the other guys on the second unit and into the belief that that would be a really nice asset for them (truth be told I think it would be). But do you know what, I just don't want to do that. If the C's are going to pick somebody up off the veteran scrap heap, I want it to be a high character big man with some semblances of offensive skill, not Stephon Marbury.

In short, Pricing Boy I join you in saying, "thanks but no thanks" to Stephon Marbury. Didn't Danny learn anything from the ill-fated Bassie Telfair Era? Sure they are only cousins so it's not like they're bringing in the Vick Brothers or anything but that is a family tree I think I have had my fill with. Again, thanks but no thanks.

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