Friday, January 16, 2009

Youk is signed: 4 years 40 million dollars

Last February 11th fellow Rootbeer and Bacon writer Neil wrote about how the Red Sox needed to sign Youk to an extension. It took a year but it after the best year of his career it finally happened. Neil valued Youk highly but after this past season his value went through the roof so lets come up with 3 reasons why the Sox had to sign Youk to an extension.

1. If he went to arbitration along with the other 111 players his value would have shot way up. He only made 3 million dollars last year while coming in third for the MVP, hit .312 with 29 home runs and 115 RBIs. He was going to make 10 million dollars if he had gone to arbitration and for them to lock him up for 4 more years that is key.

2. Lowell isn't going to last forever. We are going to be lucky for him to get through this year, but when the time comes Youk is going to move back over to third where he is going to continue being Gold Glove quality. He is young and versatile and will make space for Lars Anderson next year when he is ready to join the young guns on this team. Just so you know Lars spent 41 games in Portland last year, he hit .316, 5 Home Runs, and 30 RBI's he is coming and is the reason why I am not worried about losing out on Teixiera.

3. He is a leader in the clubhouse. The beginning of the Ramirez meltdown last season was started with the fight that Youk and Ramirez had in the dug out. It maybe lost now but most people blamed Youk for the incident. It was because he cares about the game, pays attention and isn't a piece of crap who will protest by not even swinging at a pitch like Ramirez. I am rambling though, the sox clubhouse is starting to get younger and is filled with passion. We are headed to at least 4 years of Youk and Pedroia being the leaders and say what you want but I am looking forward to that. If nothing else it will be interesting.

So it will be a fun 4 years with our young nucleus.

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