Friday, January 11, 2008

Celtics preview

Tonight the Celtics get ready to take on the Nets in New Jersey. Thus far in the season, the Celts have one both meetings of these two teams with relative ease, and should have no trouble taking them to school tonight.

Tonight marks the return of both Ray Allen and the Big Baby. Wednesday night both of these guys were out with injuries, and we got to see just how vulnerable this team is when it comes to depth. With Allen out we saw increased minutes for both Eddie House and Tony "I swear I will never dunk after the whistle again" Allen. This alone is not a terrible thing, House has a great jump shot and provides a great perimeter threat, while Tony is an excellent defender. However, we also saw Rondo and Paul Pierce get into foul trouble early. With Ray and the baby out and Paul in early foul trouble we had a perfect storm brewing for an increase in minutes for.....Brian Scalabrine. God help us all. First of all how can I put my faith in a red-headed basketball player?
Second of all, when everyone is healthy this guy only averages 9.2 minutes a game, and has at least 5 DNP's. This is clearly someone that the coaches dont want out there, but with two injuries this guy got 14 minutes on Wednesday. This is where the Celtics playoff hopes hinge. They are one major injury away from having what amounts to third string players seeing increased minutes.

Onto the Big Ticket...Neil has made a comment that he would like to see KG putting up more numbers inside the paint. To that I respond "Shut the fuck up." Prior to KG coming to the Celtics the most exciting player to watch was some idiot who looked like he tattooed himself while the team bus was on some dirt road somewhere. Now, we have a bonifide big man who can also shoot. In a separate post you can see his stats thus far. He is average almost 20 points a game and 10 rebounds. Our goddamn center is only averaging 5.2! What the hell more do you want out of a man that has almost single handedly turned a once legendary franchise back into a major player in only half a season?

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