Sunday, January 13, 2008

What I learned from Last Nights Patriots Game

Part of being a true sports fan is learning from each game and realizing that no matter how much you think you know about your favorite team, or their opponent, there is a reason you are sitting on the couch, drunk, while they are out there winning. Here are some of the things I learned last night:

-Tom Brady is best quarterback in football. He already is in the hall of fame, simply based on this season alone, let alone the previous accolades. It just does not matter what the other team throws at him, he finds a way to win. Furthermore, he is a classy guy. When Welker dropped a pass that a fucking toddler could have caught, Brady went over patted him on the back, and said dont worry about it. Other QBs (Peyton) would have literally stomped their feet and yelled at the receiver. Then in the post game press conference thrown that receiver under the bus.

-Laurence Maroney is who we thought he was. Having never pulled a groin, or run a mile, I have no concept as to how debilitating a pulled groin can be. From what we have seen this season, it sucks. It is starting to look like Belichick decided about half way through the season that it was better to make him healthy for the playoffs and let the passing attack embarass teams, than risk him further injury. I guess he was right. Maroney finished with 122 yards, most of which came after the first hit. If he can carry this momentum into next week, he should have another great game since Indy has real trouble stopping the run these days.

-David Gerrard did not deserve to be called all the names I called him this week. This guy played one hell of a game for a guy who has less that 20 starts under his belt. He clearly demonstrated his ability to read a defense, constantly picking on Randall Gay. He showed his arm strength throwing on the move, and one time while laying on the ground. Sorry buddy, I promise I wont call you any names during next weeks game.

-Every reporter who said "The Jaguars are the one team no one wanted to play" are fucking morons. The Patriots are the one team no one wants to play BECAUSE THEY WIN ASSHOLE!!!

-When not forced to wear a suit, Randy Moss dresses like a 14 year old white kid from Peabody. Why doesnt someone take him to a store other than Marshalls? Hey Randy, I hear you can buy clothes all over the country with "straight cash homey."

Well thats it, some of the things I learned last night from the game. For the record, I intend to dedicate a good deal of my time on the blog to the topic Neil threw out this morning about bandwagon Boston fans, but I am saving it for the beginning of Red Sox season. Here is a little teaser for you: I hate 86.845% of all Red Sox fans. Some of whom I am related to.

I'm all out...


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