Monday, January 14, 2008

Preview of Next Weeks Game

I will be honest with you I am little shocked right now, as I was watching the Colts Vs. Chargers game last night I kept waiting for Peyton to make the come back. I thought that last year he had finally proved that he was able to overcome the hurtle and come through in big situations, but he looked more like his little brother(I'm also shocked his brothers giants are still in it, I guess the future mr jessica simpson is not as good int he playoffs as he is in the regular season). So here is my game preview position by position.

We all know the Tom Brady is a better QB than his San Diego Counterpart Phillip Rivers. This was true even before Rivers had to be lifted at the end of the third quarter against the Colts after becoming an honorary Gramatica brother and getting injured while celebrating a score.

Running Back
While Maroney has been dominating in the last few games, LT is perhaps the greatest running back of his generation. He can be dangerous in the passing game and in the running game. The announcers during the game yesterday said that LT was available to return and it was his choice to remain sitting out, so I would imagine that he will be playing in Foxboro.

Wide Reciever
Moss disappeared against the Jaguars but in the week 2 game against San Diego he managed 8 catches, for a 105 yards, and 2 touchdowns. While I will admit San Diego is a different team than they were then, the Pats receivers will still run all over the SD secondary. The San Diego WR are good but it still seems at times that Chris Chambers just doesn't fit in.

Tight End
If everything was constant I would say that Antonio Gates is easily better than Benjamin Watson. But Gates has something wrong with his toe, and it severely limited him against the Colts and I can only imagine that it will feel worse next week in the cold air of Gillette Stadium.

The O-Line
San Diego's line looked good against the Colts, but they are no match for the pro bowlers that protect Brady.

The Defense
San Diego's Defense scares me. They create turnovers at an alarming rate, and you can say what you want about juice head Shawn Merriman but he beat up the Colts O-line on Sunday and was the one who rushed Peyton at the end to end the game. The Patriots defense has been good, not great like they have been in the past, but they are smart and should be ready for the challenge in front of them.

No Contest

I would include Special Teams here but I feel that it will be a non factor although Sproules is scary fast when he is returning kickoffs. I understand that we faced off against the Chargers nearly 4 months ago and the team has come together under new coach Norv Turner but we beat them then and we will beat them again. KGB Spy/Chargers Defensive End Igor Olshansky was quoted as saying after the game against the colts "The way we're playing now, nothing can stop us, The way we overcome adversity and everything else. I guarantee you that [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick and everybody else over there are scratching their heads saying, 'Man, we better get ready." I can never imagine Belichick scratching his head over the San Diego Chargers, yeah the pats do have to get ready, but I cant imagine that the Patriots are all that scared of an injury plagued Chargers team.

Final Prediction: 34 - 13 Patriots win

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