Thursday, January 10, 2008

Start your day with Rootbeer & Bacon!

Welcome to Rootbeer & Bacon!! We are just getting started here, but soon you, our soon to be loyal reader, will come depend on Rootbeer & Bacon to keep you up to date and informed on all the major issues afoot on the Boston Sports scene.

Now, we openly admit that it is rather convenient to start a blog on Boston sports once all the major teams have become dominant. It is easier and more with it.

Now, I would like to introduce the A-Team of blogging. I have many friends who will be pissed that they were not asked to be part of this, but frankly, I had to go with those whom I thought brought the right combination of statistical knowledge, intensity, foresight and hindsight along with pure unstoppable passion to make this site a shining beacon of insight and humor in an already crowded marketplace.

If you started watching the Sox in 2003, you cannot write here.

If you heard of Kevin Garnett for the first time in 2007, you cannot write here.

If you didn't know that the Patriots used to wear a different uniform, you cannot write here.

If you do not know who Andre Tippett is, you cannot write here.

If you think the Sox should have kept Kevin Millar, we don't even want you reading the site. We will now give you a moment to go click on another site....

Anyway, here they are:

Nicholas Lauranzano: First and foremost, there are few people with as much passion about Boston sports as my cousin Nick. There have been at least three times where I honestly thought he was going to hit me for disagreeing with an assessment he had made about the Red Sox. One of them was at his brother rehearsal dinner. I am sure there will be much mention of his steadfast assertion that he could bat .215 in the majors today, but that is only a portion of the reason I needed him to be part of this. One of the major reasons, is he predicted the Kevin Garnett trade TWO SEASONS AGO!!! I laughed at him and said he was giving up way too much young talent for one guy. He got right in my face....well it was more like my chin, and almost hit me. I have to say, he was right. He was right...

Micheal Sahovey: Mike brings a wealth of statistical knowledge to Rootbeer &Bacon. He has compiled stats for a minor league baseball team, and knows more about the Red Sox and their history than just about anyone else I know. He also has the ability to make various graphs and charts thanks to an inordinate amount of downtime at his job. Also, according to Mike, his on-court basketball skill set is comparable to Ben Wallace's. How can we not have that level of talent here?

Neil Williams: By far, Neil has the most blogging and sports writing experience on this site. His old site, was a great source of information on Celtics basketball in the years when most people round these parts forgot there was a basketball team here. He also will give us the perspective of a Boston sports fan living outside of New England. Through Neil, we will get an idea of how much Washington DC wishes they were Boston right now.

Well, there you have it, the team that will usher in a new era of Boston sports blogging. The format will be simple enough, one person will write something, and the others will respond, or ignore and start a new topic. Check back often, there should be frequent posts...


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