Sunday, January 13, 2008

Congrats For Almost Nailing the Score!

There, I hope you feel better now.

Here are some unsolicited thoughts:

A) I actually missed about the entire Pats game last night because I was at the C's game watching them stink out the joint. I thought they were going to steal the game at the beginning of the fourth, but no matter they absolutely had no right to win it in the first place.

B) Boston fans that show up at sporting events in the DC area are absolutely the reason why the rest of the country hates us. Hell, I hate myself when I feel the need to be associated with these bandwagon hopping yahoos. I was surpised - but not really I guess - to see such a throng at the Verizon Center in DC last night, but it is nothing like going to Camden Yards for an O's-Sox game. Talk about the height of obnoxiousness. Because so many of these folks hopped on the bandwagon around 2003 and they know in their heart of hearts that they are bandwagon fans, they try and overcompensate their "fanhood" (sorry to steal an ESPN word that sucks, but I couldn't think of a better option) by overchearing for everything and stating mundane facts and opinions like, "I wish Manny hustled more" or "I love Kevin Youklis because I feel like I am supposed to love Kevin Youklis". This drives me nuts. Last year, at one of the games a guy behind me tried to talk our section into bunting Papi with runners on 1st and 2nd and no out in the top of the first inning. Really? I could not think of a worse strategy to deploy. Anyway, enough ranting there. This year for the first time since I have been down here (2002) I will not be making a trip to Camden for a Sox game because the schedule does not work out and I really am not heartbroken in the least. I almost wish the Sox would throw a couple of 62-100 seasons up there just to weed out some of these folks and get everything back down to a much more manageable level. Just sedate me for those two seasons though because rooting for a bad and unlikable baseball team just plain sucks.

C) Every time I see that guy that the NFL Network puts in their ads with the fake Boston accent who tries to immitate the dry Boston sense of humor I want to kick a nun in the face because I get so mad. That guy sucks! His accent is awful! He is not funny! Let me say this again, this is why the rest of the country hates people from Boston!

D) I want to spoof that dumb minivan ad where they make the minivan look like the center of all things family and I know exactly how I would do it. I'll flesh it out later. We call that a teaser in the biz.

E) Oh yeah, go Colts. Make Tomlinson cry. Humiliate Rivers. Do the "Lights Out" dance after every single play just like Shawne Merriman. See you guys in Foxboro next week. It should be fun.

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