Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pregame Thoughts and Predictions

We are about two hours away from the AFC championship game and about five hours away from what should be another decisive victory for the Patriots. I thought that I would give you guys some thoughts and predictions and then follow up with what I learned tomorrow:

-Philip Rivers will try to play but will be pulled in favor of the legendary Billy Volek early.

-Randy Moss will catch two touchdowns today, on the second one he will spike the ball off of the ground and the ball will charge him with assault on Tuesday morning.

-In his post game press conference Randy will be wearing an oversized scarface t-shirt and jeans covered in NBA team logos, or perhaps they will have Fat Albert on them.

-We can expect two 15 yard unsportsman like penalties for Rodney Harrison. He will then justify blatantly attempting to injure people by saying thats just how much intensity he plays with.

-LT will a bitch.

-Somewhere in the world Tony Romo will be he pounds the shit out of Jessica Simpson...How do you feel bad for a guy who lost a big game but gained more time to sleep with Jessica Simpson in return??

-Bob Kraft will be wearing one of those ugly as hell shirts with a colored print and then a white collar. Tomorrow, Nick will go and buy the same shirt.

-Matt, a friend of the blog, is in a luxury box at Gillette for the game. He will not have to worry about being hung over for work tomorrow because he has been unemployed for the better part of this decade.

Well, thats it, some predictions for the game. It will be interesting to see how that latter part of this game plays out between the players. Remember last year that the Chargers were very upset with the way the Patriots acted after the game, feeling like the Patriots showed no class in their victory. Should be score Patriots 38 Chargers 17

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