Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last Night

By now you all already know that the Patriots defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-20. There is no way that Brady could have played any better, Maroney did what he was supposed to be able to do all season, and the Jaguars thought the best game plan was to shut down Moss only to see Welker, Gaffney and Stallworth beat them. Some things about the game.

1. At what point did the announcers think to themselves that it was ok to compare David Garrard to Tom Brady. On one hand you have maybe the greatest quarterback of all time, who just came off maybe the greatest regular season of all time, who through the first half hadn't even thrown one incompletion, and only ended the game with two. On the other hand you have David Garrard, who if I have to hear one more time how his coach took a risk and cut former first round Byron Leftowich and gave David the job outright. I have this much to say about that, it doesn't freakin' matter, the Jaguars are going home and we are moving on, and there is no place in this world that David Garrard should ever be compared to Tom Brady.

2. Where has Maroney been all season. During the Giants game to end the season I almost wanted to cry every time he touched the ball because it was so painful to watch. Last night he seemed to find every whole and actually run through them instead of dancing around like he normally does.

3. My final point will be this, out of all my colleagues here on Rootbeer and Bacon I was the one who came closest to the final score as I guessed 31-21, compared to an actual score of 31-20. Any prizes and accolades you would like to shower down on me are more than welcome.

I'll be back later with a rant on Clemens that I am still working on perfecting.

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