Monday, January 28, 2008

Sluggish Sports Weekend

Some points from the weekend

-What has happened to the Celtics, they have lost 5 of there last 10 games and at times have looked awful. Lets be honest at this point they have 34 wins, last year the 8 seed in the east had 40 wins so they are all but in and if all they do is go .500 over the remaining 40 games they will have 54 wins which is all it took to be the number one seed in the east last year. Still it would be nice to see them put together an entire game against a team like when they dismantled the Knicks earlier.

-There was nothing to watch this weekend on TV. I was left to watch college basketball on Saturday. Now come March I will sit around for 4 days watching every game I can and see my brackets crumble but at the end of January there is just no excitement in watching #7 Indiana(number 7 who knew) lose to an unranked UCONN team. Maybe if I had gone to a school with a real basketball team I would find the whole thing more exciting.

-I watched Eldrick blow away the competition at the Buick Open on Sunday, I am completely serious in saying that HD almost makes golf bearable when there is nothing else on.

-Sox Tickets Went on Sale: I have no money so that's the end of this point

-I am getting married in November and have had the pleasure of spending the last two weekends at various wedding shows. Nothing gets on my nerves more than some schmuck wearing a tux trying to talk to me about the patriots by saying things like "How about them patriots?" or "What do you think about Brady's Ankle?". Any Patriots Fan worth his salt would know that there is no way in hell Tom Brady is not going to play on Sunday. It's a moot point so STOP FUCKING TALKING ABOUT IT.

-Finally if you haven't seen it already one of our loyal readers has started a Facebook fan club for Rootbeerandbacon, so make sure you join.

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