Friday, January 11, 2008

The First Post(From Mike)

I am going to be honest with all of you I am shocked by the amount of work that Ben has put into this Blog so far. In fact this maybe double the amount of work he put in his last blog, including when for some unknown reason he changed the background to that of a light house. It will be interesting to see if this drive and determination lasts longer than a few weeks. I worked with Ben for over a year and the only thing he ever seemed dedicated to was trying to drive our supervisors crazy.

There are several things that I would like to get off my chest today.

Patriots Vs. Jaguars
1. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of Vic Ketchman, I know I hadn't until earlier this week and I spend quite a bit of time surfing the web. He is the Senior Editor of the Jacksonville Jaguars website. Now I don't know if Vic was growing up and was thinking I want to be the Senior Editor for the website of a mediocre National Football Franchise but that seems to be the hand that God has dealt him. In order to get his name out there this dingus made his own power rankings and rightfully had the Patriots as number one, but thinking he was funny included an asterisk that said "* Cheated in One Game".

Now I admit as a fan of the New England Patriots I was embarrassed by the whole spygate thing, and I was disappointed that when it was leaked that the "Man-Genius" had done the same thing that no one made as big a deal. To anyone who paid attention to what the Pats did would know that if anything they weren't planning on cheating in that game, they were planning to cheat in the next Jets game.

I would include a link to the page but it appears that even with such a grand title of "Senior Editor"(I can't seem to find another editor so that maybe short for Only Editor) he himself was edited and was forced to remove the "*". You think he would have learned from the Pats recent dominance not to piss them off, his joke did nothing but allow a 16-0 team, who are 13.5 point favorites claim they are once again disrespected and allows nut jobs like Rodney Harrison to get that more wound up for the game. I wouldn't be surprised if he decapitates Fred Taylor.

2. I predict the Pats will win 31-21, and instead of Asante scoring like my colleague Neil predicted I will bet that the great Ellis Hobbs will find his way into the endzone.

3. My last point is almost two weeks old. I hate Bryant Gumbel, he should quit his job as soon as possible and begin production on the show "Gumbel and Gumbel" where and he and his brother Greg play beach cops, the scripts almost write themselves.

The Red Sox

I will admit that at times I feel like Jenna Elfman in the charming romantic comedy Keeping the Faith, torn between two loves Ed Norton and Ben Stiller. With Ed Norton of course representing the Patriots and Ben Stiller representing the Red Sox. Ok I think that analogy got away from me a little.

Anyway, this is a tough time of year for Red Sox fans, the hot stove is pretty cool at this point, and we are still a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting, and as much fun as it is to see the truly crazy side of Roger Clemens come out( I am saving my true feelings on him for another post) this is a dead time of year for the Red Sox. I will assure you future loyal reader of Rootbeer and Bacon that when the time comes I will unleash on you my Red Sox knowledge, maybe by then we will even have a podcast because if you think we seem crazy when you read our thoughts just imagine when we are not limited by things like our typing speed.

Baseball Cards

The nerd side of me always comes through at some point. I collect baseball cards, I spend hundreds of dollars buying them then hours organizing them. All of this had been until recently at the comfort of my dining room table where I could still see my 42 inch plasma TV. This Christmas my lovely Fiance got me a card table and banished me and my cards to the spare bedroom in our apartment where instead of a crisp 42 inch plasma we have a 27 inch old fashion TV. The reason I bring this up is because I want to let you the reader know that from time to time my baseball card obsession will sneak through into my posts, and I will scan and show you a card that will truly blow your mind. My first example of this will be former Twin Torii Hunter's 2007 Topps Allen and Ginter card and what has to be considered a classic "Oh" face.

I will end my first post with that image, depending on how much work I have to do today you may hear from me again,

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