Friday, January 11, 2008

Nick's Picks

Welcome to Rootbeer and Bacon! For those in our fanbase that are unfamiliar with what I will be bringing to the table.....Imagine Artie Lange after a few Jack n' waters.... I have strong opinions, I'm brutally honest, I'm usually right, and I'll add a little dry humor to the mix. Unfortunately, this initial post will not include booze or any other party favors. I needed to get my picks in for the weekend and with my Friday evening dedicated to feeding the people (another blog entirely), I must use company time to get this done......

Week in Review

Last weekend's games gave us a good look as to what we can expect from each team that won. Mostly that THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!! Really, were there any surprises from last week? Pitt going down like that. With no Willie Parker, they would have been lucky to come away with a win. Without him, they couldn't eat the clock, and that's what killed them. Washington's feel good story was bound to end, and a trip to Seattle was just the ticket. The Hawks just don’t lose at home. Its extremely difficult to win a road game when you are surrounded by a fanbase covered in such awful colors. Seriously, what color green is that? Devestator Decepticon green? Whatever it is, its hideous and it causes serious concerns for a visiting opponent. The Giants were coming off a well-played game against the best and trampled a Tampa team that had their starting quarterback play only 5 of the previous 16 quarters coming into the game. And the Chargers….oh boy. The San Diego SUPER CHARGERS!!!! They did everything to lose that game, but how are the Titans supposed to win with no aerial attack. Did you see the elation from Norv Turner after the win? Act like you’ve been there before…C’mon. And can someone please let Philip Rivers know he was drafted high, but it does not mean he is any good. He’s not even in Eli’s league for Christ’s sake. Other quarterbacks drafted high and not panning out. Just a few:

Akili Smith
Andre Ware
David Carr
Tim Couch
Kyle Boller
Ryan Leaf
Rick Mirer

Philip Rivers just fits right in, doesn’t he. The trash talking and taunting he let off against Denver in week 17 was embarrassing for everyone. I am hoping Peyton goes down early and somehow San Diego pulls off a win and comes to Gillette next week……

On to the picks!!!

Seattle @ Green Bay

No brainer. 30 dgrs with flurries. Seattle’s road record is 3-5. Green Bay will not lose this year at Lambeau. Green Bay has shown poise on the defensive side of the ball with a young defense. Wouldn’t AJ Hawk look good with a Flyin’ Elvis on his helmet.

Green Bay 21-13

San Diego @ Indianapolis

Like I said, if Peyton goes down, San Diego has a chance. That’s not gonna happen though. No need to get out of bed for this one. Gates is out and with Norv Turner’s refusal to let the best football player the NFL touch the ball 30 times, San Diego will lose. And lose big. Indy is looking to grease the chain and remind everyone that they are the reigning super bowl champs. They are flying dangerously under the radar here…..

Indy 42-17

New York @ Dallas

I’ll tell ya…. I feel like Eli’s balls finally dropped during that week 17 game against the Pats. He looked good and the Giants were a force. There’s a lot of history between these two franchises. This’ll be one of those “throw out the records” games. Look for an upset here with the Giants looking to avenge their two losses to Dallas in the regular season. There is just too much chaos with Romo, TO and even rumors that Wade is gone after the season. Too much pressure to handle for the boys…..and lets remember that Romo will have his playoff performance from last year on his mind.

Giants 31-28

Jacksonville @ New England

The team no one wants to play? For real? Too bad that they don’t play these games with 2 balls in play, then Jones-Drew and Taylor could both score a touchdown on the same play. They have no serviceable wideout, making me wonder why they didn’t offer Reche “Headlights” Caldwell a contract last offseason. Their defensive backs haven’t stopped anyone from throwing deep. And furthermore, David Garrard is going to have to throw 35-40 passes. David Garrard is not going to beat the best team the NFL has ever seen. Not happening. I’m seeing this game much like the game against Pitt in early December. Close at halftime with some adjustments made by BB at the break that will open up the offense. I don’t see Jacksonville scoring in the second half.

Pats 35-13

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