Friday, February 27, 2009


So it is Friday, I haven't really written much this week my nights have been taken up by some meetings that I had to go to and family coming over for dinner, and of course me working on the lovely new logo at the top of the page. I thought after a year it was time for us to switch it up a bit, if all goes as plan hopefully we will also have a new website design soon to but that is still in it's planning stages.

- Why did the Redskins pay $100 million dollars for Albert Haynesworth? He is injury prone, he is a little bit crazy, and has only played well the last two years when he had a contract on the line. Once again the Skins are going to overspend and will not win.

- The Bruins have seemingly broken out of there slump at this point. Two wins in the last two games, 12 goals, and only 1 goals against. Hopefully they can keep playing strong until we get to the post season.

- The games portion of spring training has started for the Sox, I have watched a couple innings so far. It was so nice on Wednesday to not have to here Jerry Remy's voice while watching NESN. I don't know where he was but as long as they dont replace him with Ken Macha I would be thrilled if he was gone forever.

- Tom Brady finally got married. I really don't care, call me when he is throwing the ball in mini camp.

-Finally, how stupid is Manny? There is no one else who wants him, he shoudl have signed on the dotted line otherwise he is going to spend the year wondering around with nothing to do.

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