Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Post On A-Rod

You're probably sick of it already - I think I am just about there - but I quickly wanted to go on record with my take of the A-Rod, Steroids Saga.

In short, I agree with what the Boston guys like Tony Mazz and Eric Wilbur are saying, which is lets not pilfer A-Rod because chances are a Red Sox hero or two is included on that list of 104 and furthermore, chances are that said heroes helped them win a World Series or two. I could be wrong, but it would be naive to say that because no major post 2001 Red Sox have seen their name appear on any of these lists that no major Red Sox actually took steroids.

And here is some more food for thought, is using HGH to recover from injuries faster than usual really that bad? If HGH did not stand for "human growth hormone" but instead was known as something like RRS for "rapid recovery supplement" would it still be seen in the same light? I don't know. I guess I agree with lumping steroids users into the "cheaters" bin but HGH I think is kind of a different animal. From all I've read on it, it just does not seem to be that awful of a thing. If Tom Brady took some HGH to ensure himself a 100% chance of being the Pats starter in Week 1, would we crush him for that? I don't think I would. After all, you wouldn't kill a pitcher for getting Tommy John surgery to pitch again and that is not the world's most natural procedure. Yes, I understand the diceyness with HGH comes from being unsure of the side-effects/health risks (a huge deal admittedly) but if we all take a deep breath and think about what that stuff really does, I think the outrage on that end should be toned down some.

That's my take anyway. Let's not all jump on the crushing A-Rod for Steroids Bandwagon which has kind of become a national past time unto itself because it just looks very unseemly. Remember how mad we all got when the San Diego Whiney Bitches (I mean Chargers) piled on the Pats for "cheating" with Spygate stuff while they willingly employed Luis Castillo and Shawne Merriman, two players who failed drug tests. Now, with that being said if we all want to continue to crush A-Rod for his great ability to turn 7-2 games into 9-2 games and choke in the postseason then I am all for that. One caveat there too though, I will now be directing all my scorn previously reserved to A-Rod for the Teixeira Family. I really thought that guy could not have come off like anymore of a douche during his free agency saga so he is now my Public Enemy #1 on the Yankees. Crushing A-Rod is so 2008, make your way into the second decade of the 2000s by piling on Mark Teixeira. You'll feel awesome because you'll be ahead of the curve!

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