Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Notes

Things are busy at work today but Iw anted to get a couple of links out there for you guys(all 12 of you).

- So BU won another Beanpot last night at the Garden. I have always wanted to get tickets and go but no matter my income I have never actually followed through with it. BU won again for the 29th time. Thing is the beanpot is nothing for BU this year they are looking for a national championship.

- I am not discussing the Arod thing, it is getting beaten to death everywhere, and we all know the list of 104 is going to come out at some point and some Red Sox players are going to be on it. I still remember the terror I felt when Ben text messaged me while I was checking into the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney World to tell me that Tek was on the Mitchell Report. Which ended up being false but still I still remember that feeling.

- If I cared about Hockey I would be excited for tonight when Big Joe Thorton comes back to town with the West leading San Jose Sharks. I am always amazed when I look at the NHL standings an the Bruins are number one in the league by 6 points. Now I don't know what points are worth anymore since they have changed it about 20 times since 1990 but that has to be pretty good right?

- I missed posting it a couple of days ago but the Sox released the list of the non roster invitees to Spring Training. No really surprising names on the list, while you know they will not make the roster it will be good to see what Daniel Bard can do against major league batters, and Lars Anderson against pitching.

So that is all I have for now.

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