Monday, February 2, 2009

WOW!! Great Game

I do not really have a whole lot to say about the game, I am pretty disappointed that the Cardinals lost. I will say though that it was a great game despite all the penalties. Here are a few thoughts about the game.

- So they are making a big deal that Jennifer Hudson lip synched the national anthem. Really? they are surprised, I would imagine this happens quite a bit, the echo and delay of the sound in a big game like this almost makes this necessary.

- Poor start for the Cardinals, it looked like after the James Harrison Touchdown return that it was going to be a boring game, thankfully Warner found his rythem and also found Larry Fitzgerald and it got interesting.

- The commercials were ok, I enjoyed the Comcast one where the Slowskis jumped on the empty DSL bandwagon. The 3D commercial was cool, we had picked up the glasses at the grocery store. Other than that I enjoyed the, Firestone, and the Bulu commercial with Alec Baldwin.

- I still hate the Steelers, the fact there are people comparing Big Ben to Tom Brady makes me want to puke.

- Bruce Springsteen was great at half time. I think he was on some pretty heavy drugs as he was flying around the stage like a mad man. He stuck to the classics which was good.

- Great ending, I am still nto sure how Santonio Holmes got his feet down and controled the ball.

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