Friday, February 20, 2009

Three Celtic Thoughts for Friday Afternoon

1) Will KG's injury - even if he just misses three games as reported - cost the C's the one seed in the East? Honestly, I say yes.

2) Thank you Tyson Chandler for having turf toe and thank you Oklahoma City for inexplicably nixing the trade on account of it. That made absolutely no sense to me. OKC is one of the worst teams in the NBA this year with no shot at making the playoffs. They do however have a good young nucleus which Chandler would have fit well into moving forward. So he may miss a few games this year. Who cares?! As long as he is healthy in the future when the team may actually be good is all that matters. Anyway, I'm not sure why I am apparently complaining about this as it opens up the door for a potential Joe Smith buyout and signing with the C's. Now THAT would be freakin' awesome. As I've said for the past few months, Smith is exactly what the Celtics need.

3) I guess it is because he has a sizable contract, but seriously why else on earth would the C's have let the deal for Andres Nocioni die? Yeah, yeah, yeah they would have had to give up half their bench to make it work, but in actuality the only guy in the outgoing mail section of that trade that will get PT moving forward is Big Baby now that Tony Allen is (luckily) hurt. And Big Baby sucks. Maybe I am just biased because I really enjoyed Noc when the Bulls were good a few years back, but I feel like there is always room on the bench for a relatively young (30), 6' 7" swingman that can rebound and hit threes. I know the contract is a bit on the brutal side (5 years and about $30M remaining) but there is no way I can be swayed that not pulling the trigger on this deal would have been a bad thing.

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