Friday, February 13, 2009

Some notes before the weekend

It is Friday afternoon, the day before a long weekend, my boss left at noon, my head hurts a little bit and I think I may have had one to many free dark chocolate hearts that appeared in the kitchen at work but I thought I would write a quick post. Some random thoughts to start your weekend.

- The Daytona 500 is on Sunday I think, I do not care there is something about spending hours watching cars go around in a circle that just does not appeal to me. I am part of a fantasy racing league though so I at least pay attention to the results. I thought I would link to this article from Marty Smith about 3 time champion Jimmie Johnson. Good article, but it seems to me almost that they try way to hard to make him sound like a normal guy.

- All star weekend. It maybe the only all star game in professional sports where the players actually consider it a big deal to go and represent the best of the best. In football they go just for the free trip to Hawaii which is no over, and in baseball players seem to come down with mysterious ailments right before the game, but in basketball it takes something like a torn MCL to keep a guy away and thats what makes interesting.

- No news from Fort Myers, that is a good thing everyone showed up and things are looking good.

That is about it I cannot wait until actual games are played down in Florida or in the WBC.

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