Monday, February 23, 2009

Wow what a boring weekend

This is going to be short, do you know why? Because next to nothing happened this weekend, I am really looking forward to the exhibition games for the Red Sox starting, its really not Spring training until the Red Sox play a split squad game against the the full squad Pirates and show that they are still better with half of there good players. Anyway here are some notes from the weekend.

- I hate Cube Gooding Jr. Last night he was one of the presenters for the Best Supporting Oscar, that of course went to Heath Ledger. Why does he have to be a jackass? I mean seriously the guy won an Oscar for Jerry Maguire and now can only get screen time in classics like Daddy Day Camp, and Snow Dogs. He should just be happy to be on the stage no reason to yell.

- Rajon Rondo is fantastic. Yesterday on his birthday he absolutely tore up the Phoenix Suns. I still cannot believe he was not on the all star team.

- Bruins lost, cars went in circles, I have work to do that is all for now.

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