Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Notes

So a slow night in Boston sports, but there are some things to look forward to.

1. Pitchers and Catchers report tomorrow, which is just FANTASTIC. Lester, Smoltz, and Youk have already been spotted.

2. The Patriots are going to have to trade Cassel at some point soon I can't wait for some more draft picks that could help out our aging defense.

3. The Celtics are on the road for next 2 and half weeks, why you may ask? Because Disney on Ice is in town of course.

Anyway here are some links for today.

- The Bruins lost last night, I was all set to try and watch the game, then I forgot that it was on and then I remembered and couldn't find it on NESN and finally found Vs. and it was the break after the third period. It was then that the wheels cam off of for the Bruins I watched the Sharks score two goals and then I turned it off. Fluto Shinzawa(great name) has an article on about the Bruins playing it to safe and getting burned.

- So as I mentioned the Sox are starting up Spring Training tomorrow and I don't know about you but I am pumped. I was checking out which much to my chagrin has become one of the better place to get Boston Sports News, and Alex Speier has a good review of the Red Sox offseason.

- So we get a little bit of the Patriots today as well. Did you realize that Vince Wilforks contract is up after this year? He is still on his original six year rookie contract and the time to sign him is now, Wilfork is saying that he has not heard from the Patriots front office since last year about a contract. He needs to be signed up, we are going to get rid of Seymour at some point soon and we need to keep some of that line.

That's all for today I hope that you find some of these links interesting.

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