Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend in Review

So it was a pretty slow weekend around these parts, but here are some highlights.

- The truck left for Fort Myers, which is great, it has been cold and miserable around here lately, and there is only so much Sportscenter and Jon and Kate Plus 8(my wifes favorite show) that one person can watch. I can't wait till spring when I can sit back and watch the Red Sox in HD on my 42 inch Plasma. The truck leaving is a silly thing to recognize, but with the Pats out of it and the Bruins and Celtics playoff locks there really isnt a whole lot else that we can pay attention to.

- R&B writer Ben celebrated a birthday this weekend. My gift to him was a signed Mark Belhorn ball. I will not tell you how much it cost but I will tell you this the ball by itself was more expensive than the signature. Ben and I agreed when we sued to work together that we would try and collect signatures of evey lesser known player from the 2004 Red Sox championship team. So far we now both have Cesar Crespo sign balls, and Ben has a Bellhorn. Only 25 more to go.

- The Celtics managed to leave the weekend 1-1. The beat the Knicks after coming off a tough loss to the Lakers and then they lost in the closing minutes to the Spurs. It was a tough stretch of games for them, they looked tired against the Spurs, they had played three games since the last time the Spurs had played one so the Spurs looked well rested.

- I don't know what the Bruins did I think they may have lost in OT but dont quote me on that.

- I put up a shelf in my living room to display my sports memorabilia. On the shelf right now is a signed Bobby Doerr Mini Helmet, a signed Johnny Pesky Baseball, a signed Matt Ryan Mini Helmet, and as soon as my wife can locate it a signed Randy Moss Helmet will join them. It is the only sports related thing that I was allowed to put up in our very large living room.

- So as many of you know I collect baseball cards, this weekend I purchased a box of 2009 Topps. It is the first release of the new season and I was excited to see the design. I was satisfied with my box fo cards. I got a couple of nice hits, a Pat Neshak autograph, a piece of Carl Crawfords Jersey, and the letter E meant to represent Nolan Ryan, if I was rich or an idiot I would then attempt to collect all of the letters to spell "The Ryan Express" I am all set.

- Finally we are looking for another writer to compliment our already kick butt team. We have had a couple of people try but they jsut couldn't cut it. So if you are out there and think "Wow, I would really like to write for a blog that was recognized as one of the top 5 sports blogs in boston" Then drop me a line and we will give you an audition. Email me at

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