Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hope you had a nice long weekend

It was a nice long weekend, I got some painting done, finally finished my detox from caffine, and played some NCAA 2009 on the xbox. Overall a good time, I am now just in a holding pattern until MLB 2K9 comes out. March 3rd for all those who were wondering. So some notes from my long weekend.

- I napped through the Daytona 500, it was a good nap

- I watched the slam dunk contest on Saturday night and was fairly impressed. I still think that Rudy Fernandez got completely hosed, granted it took him 9 tries but his dunk off the backboard was the best. He would have gotten it sooner if Pau Gasol hadnt been a douche and tried to go behind his back.

- Spring training is in full swing it would appear to me that most of the players have reported at this point even though the position players get a couple more days. David Ortiz soudned awfully confident in his rant baout Steroids, there can be no way in hell his name is on that list.

- If you want a good read about position battles, then check out this article by Jerry Crasnick. I always enjoy his stuff plus his brother works in the same department as I do so that makes him a little cooler.

- You want proof that steroids can't make you an all star unless you already are one? Meet Larry Izzo.

- I don't know if you heard but Alex Rodriguez did Steroids.

- Finally I would like to say goodbye to the Celtics funny little Alien Sam Cassell who will be making his way back to California in a trade we made if to do nothing else but open up a roster spot. Thanks for the memories Sam, it was great when you would ruin the tempo in the playoffs last year, or when you held the ball last year after the Celtics won and acted like you actually had something to do with it.

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