Friday, February 8, 2008

Asante Samuel wants to be remain a Patriot, but.....

If you haven't heard the most recent rumblings coming from the Samuel Camp, you're not missing much. Its the same old with this guy. In his first opportunity to get someone to listen to him, Asante Samuel let it be known that he wants to remain a Patriot, but "it's gonna take a lot"
A few snipits from Boston Globe correspondent, Pat Bigold's interview:

"The fans love me and I love them back," he said. "The organization loves me and, hopefully, we can work it out."

He also adds....

"It's gonna take a lot to make me happy and my family happy,"

When asked what it may take to sign him....

"You take a guess and see if you can hit it. It's no secret I'm looking for a big, huge, blockbuster deal."

What this means, of course, is that unless someone feeds Scott Pioli that Kool Aid I drank at Woodstock '99, Asante Samuel will not be a Patriot come July.

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