Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Long Cold Winter

It has been over a week now since my beloved Patriots were upset by the Giants, and for many of my friends the pain has been almost to hard to bare. My friend Erica has not watched the news, listened to the radio or been on in over a week. She is really missing out on the fun watching a delusional Roger Clemens ruin whatever chance he has for the hall of fame as he lied his way around Washington over the past week. I don't even think a hearing is necessary, if you want proof that he did Steriods all you have to do is watch is watch the play from the 2000 world series when Clemens comes off the mound, picks up a piece of Piazza's broken bat, and throws it at him as he runs down the line towards first. His defense after the game was that he thought it was the ball, this isn't KICKBALL, when would you ever through the ball at the runner, and since when was the ball a hunk of wood. I digress of course.

The reason I am writing is to say that I am proud of my fellow Patriot fans. This weekend as I went about my business people were still wearing their Patriots sweatshirts, and their Patriot Hats. In fact at fellow R&B blogger Ben's Birthday party we both commented that we were still wearing our Patriots stuff despite the heartbreak that we had suffered. Am I seeing as much patriots gear as I saw before the super bowl, of course not why would I, the bandwagon fans have put their pink Tom Brady Jerseys and AFC East champion shirts back in their closet until next years Super Bowl Run. It is still good to see them wearing it with pride even if they are in the safe environment that is New England.

This past December I went down to Disney for a few days before Christmas, my fiancé and I stayed on property. The Patriots played the Jets that weekend and I was unable to watch the game as the local CBS station was instead showing the Jacksonville Jaguars game. I still wore my Patriots gear as a sign of support and was surprised by the number of favorable comments that I heard from people as I walked around Epcot that day whether it was a simple go pats or a score update it was nice to see that Patriots nation had found it's way to Disney.

So while we mourn the lost season, a perfect season gone in a blink of an eye, another year of Mercury Morris and his ridiculous boasting, it is good to see my fellow citizens of Patriots nation soldier on.

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