Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some Sunday Thoughts

1) Flipping around the channels this weekend I happened to see that the NFL Network was broadcasting first the AFC and then the NFC practices from the Pro Bowl. May I ask who on earth would actually watch that?

2)Tony Allen still does not possess a single basketball skill from what I can tell.

3) Nick's bit on Asante Samuel is great and the quotes he provides should really not surprise you seeing as they come from a person with a "Get Paid" tattoo.

4) New Redskins coach, Greg Zorn looks like a crazy middle aged guy with a perpetual hangover who spends all of his free time hanging out alone in the back of movie theaters watching Hannah Montana in 3D wearing mesh shorts.

5) I didn't realize that former Celtics GM, Chris Wallace was the genius on Memphis' side behind the Pau Gasol trade. It all makes sense now. He probably thinks he made out like a bandit there and felt it necessary to clear Gasol's large contract from the books so that he can bring out of exile and sign to max contracts Joe Forte and Kedrick Brown.

6) I'm watching the C's and Spurs right now on ABC and Greg Poppovich's outfit kills me. He looks like he should be at a brunch at the country club, not coaching an NBA basketball game. (slacks, open collared shirt, and a blazer FYI)

7) Do you know who would look great on the C's this year? Delonte West. I know you need to give a little to get a little and that West probably had to be in the Ray Allen trade, but that does not change the fact that he would be a great match for this team right now.

8) This joke is not going to make it into The Wire piece I am woking on for sometime in the next week or so, so I am just going to throw it out there now. (channel David Spade from Hollywood Minute voice) Hey Scott Templeton storyline on The Wire, I liked you a lot better the first time around when you were called, Shattered Glass.

9) If I ever woke up and saw Amy Winehouse in the same, dark room as me I would absolutely soil myself. Apparently she smokes crack now too. No follow up on that. Just throwing it out there.

10) I have to give much love to Leon Powe. The guy has really stepped it up in KG's absensce and is a great scrapper and garbage points accumulator. Seems to me like he has a nice career ahead of him in the NBA as quality 7th or 8th man on good teams. Maybe that is a back-handed compliment, but I sure don't think so.

11) Can you imagine how good Rajon Rondo would be if he had even an okay jump shot? I love the guy, but if he could shoot? Man, he'd something else.

That's it for me. Gotta leave on a high note like Costanza.

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