Monday, February 4, 2008

Defense Wins Championships

Yes I am okay. I survived. It was touch and go for a while there...At one point I got upset swung my arm at something (I cant remember what) and hit a lit candle. The hot wax spilled all over my leg. I am fairly certain that would have made my fellow blogger Niel sexually aroused, but for me it became a perfect analogy of the game: A shitty mess on an otherwise perfect leg.

Remember a few years ago? Remember when we referred to the Pats Defense as Homeland Defense? I even bought a hat that said it. At that point we had a mediocre offense, but the defense not only carried them to a championship, but scored a bunch of the points as well. Defense wins championships.

That brings us to last night. I learned a lot last night:

1-Brady's ankle was never fine. I have not missed a game in his tenure and I have never seen him miss his receivers with so many errant throws. This is clearly a sign of his ankle not allowing him get enough touch on the ball. I am thinking specifically about two attempted deep balls to Moss late in the game.

2- Eating potato skins, followed by pigs in a blankets, followed by some type of dip, followed mozzarella sticks, followed by copious amounts of buffalo wings, followed by chocolate ice cream and washed down down with IBC rootbeer means that your farts smell so awful that your not even your dog will sleep next to you.

3-Usi Umenyora is a beast and has eclipsed Strahan as the dominant DE on that team.

4- You ever see Unbreakable? Remember the condition that Samuel L Jackson had? I am pretty sure that Randall Gay has it too. So much talent...too bad he is made of glass.

5-According to commercials, when driving down a dark road at night one has to be careful not to run over Alice Cooper looking for snakes. This is not an issue for me as I have been watchful for this since I got my license.

6-Does anyone remember a couple of games ago when the Pats checked backup RT Ryan O'Callihan into the game as a TE so that he could help keep a relentless pass rush at bay? It worked. Why didnt they do it last night?

I am getting angrier the more I type and I am at work, so this will have to end for now...Coming up next time I will break down some of the biggest questions facing the Pats as they move into the offseason.


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