Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bartolo Plus Ben Equals Best Friends

I stand corrected. There is no way to compare the Colon signing to the Big Papi dynasty that we are currently all enjoying. Neil is right. However, am I wrong in saying that this is the one signing this offseason that has the potential to make this team better? Sure Sean Casey was a great move, but he is a back up. Schilling is gone, and Lowell was a re-signing so that doesn't count. Essentially before Bartolo showed up, we had the same team as last year.

If Bartolo Colon can get his shit together, he could make the starting rotation much better. Sure most of the green hatted Sox fans think that Clay Buchholtz is the answer simply because he threw a no hitter, but lets be real with one another, can we? He is a rookie at best, and could certainly be served by tearing up Pawtucket and getting his confidence and control up. Sure he has potential like a mutha, and has a curve ball that makes me tingle in all the right ways, but he is still a work in progress. Bartolo is a recent Cy Young winner (2005) and has been a dominate pitcher for a long time. Sure he showed up at camp with an angels bag, and shops in the big and tall section, but showed up and impressed with his arm strength. Just before he arrived, they said that he was going to stay in Ft Myers once the Sox broke camp, and today they said he will pitch in a game as early as March 9th.

I know I am getting excited about little more than a hope, but thats the point of all this isn't it? I still think it was a great move by Theo, and could make us forget about Gagne, letting Kapler go to Japan, trading away and then for Mirabelli, and him letting Jon Lester get cancer.

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