Monday, February 18, 2008

Three Quickies

1) I never care about these things, but Ray Allen was robbed out of the All Star Game MVP. He carried the East in the 4th quarter of what turned out to be a pretty entertaining second half of basketball. Really, there is no reason that anybody should care about this, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway.

2) Ben's previous post brought this on from me, but I have a tough time dogging JD Drew right now. His grand slam from Game 6 of the ALDS has bought him some time and I'll even go out on a limb and say I will refrain from Drew bashing until at least Memorial Day. Julio Lugo? Well it's open season on him and I'd say starting about now anybody can and will have free reign on turning him into a punchline on par with Britney Spears and Roger Clemens. The thing I love about being a Sox fan and Sox fans in general is that we will be calling for shortstop of the future Jed Lowrie by mid-April after two weeks of watching Lugo suck it up and most of us - myself certainly included - have never seen Lowrie do anything baseball realted and could not pick him out of a crowd to save our lives. Still, he's gotta be nasty right?

3) Whenever I see that ad on FOX for that new program they have coming out that from the "GENIUSES that brought you Dumb & Dumber" I can't help but feel bad for the Farrelly Brothers. Dumb & Dumber came out in 1994. Or almost 15 years ago. Isn't it kind of sad and pathetic to still be holding onto that? Sure, many people - myself EXcluded - consider Dumb & Dumber to be the apex of comedy but even still; it was 1994! Bill Clinton was half way through his first term. Flannel shirts were fashionable and the statement they made was not, "I'm a hard working day laborer who wants to go home to my dinner of rare steak and Budweiser" but rather, "I want to move to Seattle and mope because Eddie Vedder makes doing so look cool and I have not yet recconciled my feelings on Kurt's death". Even more to the point, Tupac and Biggie were still alive, luminary atheletes such as Jose Canseco and Dino Rajda called Boston home, and MTV employed people like Kennedy, Bill Bellamy, Duff, Eric Niese, and the legendary Dan Cortes. Can I go on, or do you get the point? 1994 was a really freakin' long time ago and living off of that after putting out a steady stream of shit since Outside Providence which came out in 1999 BTW is kind of sad. And one last thing. Having a guy lick ranch off of his baby's head is not funny. I get what you are going for - the man's man who cares more about beer, wings, and dick jokes with his pals than his actual kids - but that particular move is not going to drive me to watch your show. Maybe a clip of him training his child to become his intern to fetch him more beers and food while he watches TV and schemes ways to not contribute to the greater good would entice me. Not ranch off of a baby's head.

OK, good rant. I'm done.

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